The Doorway to Hope is Always Open

In these times of uncertainty everyone is looking for answers. They want to know what to expect; to know what awaits them in their lives. This can be a problem.

Hope is the answer to life’s problems. Hope that is certain and always available is the hope we can have in Jesus. The door to receiving this hope is open.

Jesus gives a reason to hope. He says to all those who come to him:

‘I am with you always, and I am the same today, yesterday and forever.’

Jesus does not offer a false hope but rather a hope that can be relied upon. Miracles are happening today. I can attest to this.

A close friend of mine had lost the use of his legs, no longer able to walk and stand. A request for prayer was made. This person put his hope in God who heals. This person’s hope and prayers were answered, and is now able to walk and stand unaided, and to continue with life.

Hope is not lost, it is we who are lost. Perhaps you can be helped to find a way back to God.

‘Miracles are happening today.’

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